Check these stunning first exterior images of the Milviz ATR 72-600 for MSFS

Milviz has been picking up the pace of development of new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as shown by a recent stream of previews for several new airplanes like the DHC-2 Beaver, the SR-71 Blackbird or the A-1H Skyraider. Most notably, the team has also recently released the excellent Porter PC-6, a very nice surprise that has been the protagonist of many backcountry tours.

Also in development from Milviz is the ATR 72-600, whose first images were unveiled in late August. At the time, they featured just the flight deck of the regional airliner, but today we got some impressive new images that show the aircraft in beautiful detail, especially in the exterior views. It’s the first time we see the outside of the Milviz ATR 72-600 in Microsoft Flight Simulator and, needlessly to say, it looks absolutely stunning!

The prospect of a turboprop regional airliner is definitely an exciting one. After all, we have nothing of that yet in MSFS. Curiously, Asobo is also working on the ATR (42 and 72 variants), announced a few months ago, but we haven’t heard from it since. Other than that, there’s the Majestic Dash 8, officially unannounced, but definitely in the works somewhere in the developers’ bunker. So, it seems Milviz has the most promising candidate for the first release in this category.

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 6

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 5

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 4

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 3

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 2

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 1

Milviz didn’t share much additional development information until this point. What we mostly have are these first preview images, where the aircraft is looking mighty impressive from a visual standpoint. They also show that the work on the systems appears to be moving along, which is to be expected considering that this is an aircraft that Milviz has been working on for some time. It was actually scheduled for a release in P3D, so it’s natural that the team has a good head-start to bring it to MSFS.

We have also learned before that Milviz plans to create only the passenger version of the ATR 72, but a cargo variant may also come at a later stage. At this point, no estimate for a release date or pricing has been revealed, but additional details should (hopefully) start to come out soon. Stay tuned to learn more!