Milviz officially announces the A-1H Skyraider for MSFS

It’s all teasing from Milviz these days. With only the Corsair out the door for MSFS (and the T-45C Goshawk, co-developed with IndiaFoxtecho), Milviz has spent the last few months announcing and teasing new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which include the Cessna 310R, the DHC-2 Beaver, the ATR 72-600 and, most recently the SR-71 Blackbird. Not enough? Well, today Milviz officially revealed their plans to bring the A-1H Skyraider to MSFS.

We know that Milviz is basically looking to bring all their existing products to MSFS (check our list of upcoming aircraft for MSFS to have an idea of those that have been mentioned). They seem to be quite busy with several airplanes being developed at the same time. Probably not the most effective way to quickly launch new products to market, but what do we know?

With today’s official announcement, Milviz also shared the first new images of the Skyraider in MSFS. It’s just a couple of dark shots, admittedly, showing the illuminated cockpit, some instruments and the gunsight. The Skyraider is one of Milviz’s latest airplanes for P3D and has been praised for its stunning detail. It’s now coming to MSFS as a peacetime warbird – as we know, Microsoft doesn’t allow weapons in its simulator.

Milviz A 1H Skyraider MSFS 1

The A-1H Skyraider is an icon of the Korean and Vietnam wars, where it played an essential role in supporting ground troops. It had a long and successful career that spanned from the 1940s to the early 80s.

It’s getting increasingly unclear what Milviz is planning to release next for MSFS, although both the 310R and the Beaver seem to be well-positioned for a release relatively soon. However, the developers have not given much information about ongoing projects, other than a few teaser images here and there, so we will have to wait for more detailed information. We’ve asked, and will certainly let you if we get some answers!