Cessna 310R from MilViz coming this summer, GTN750 support planned

After the recent release of the excellent Milviz FG-1D Corsair for Flight Simulator, everyone is stirred for the studios’ next release. Everything was pointing for the Cessna 310R to be coming out next, but the developers have recently shared some not-so-great news: it’s a bit delayed.

You see, MilViz creates high-quality airplanes, both in terms of visuals but also on a system simulation level (the Corsair was a great example of that), and they intend to continue that trend with their product series for MSFS. With that in mind, the team recently realized that the model and textures of their C310R were in need of a significant overhaul for MSFS, and decided to postpone the project until “sometime this summer” – something that, in fact, isn’t too far off. You may remember that the first teaser images didn’t look great indeed, which was normal at such an early stage of development.

Despite acknowledging that this delay may be disappointing for those hoping to get their hands on the C310R, Charles “Dutch” Owen, developer at MilViz, is very confident in what they will be able to deliver, and promises a truly remarkable airplane that will raise the bar for GA airplanes in MSFS, with “second to none visuals and systems depth“.

Milviz Cessna 310R MSFS 2
One of the earliest images of the 310R in MSFS.

That’s the positive note on this. The C310R will be an extremely accurate airplane, given that the programmers will have more time to work on the aircraft while the visual artists overhaul the graphical features. Dutch even claims this airplane will include some features not yet seen in MSFS at this point in time.

If you have any doubts about the limitations that the current state of MSFS can imply, fear not (mostly). According to the developer, there’s nothing major missing that prevents a full systems’ implementation, and visually it’s now up to the visual artists to do their magic. When it comes to the flight model, though, some things may not be exactly accurate, based on what is possible at this point, but the team will do their best so the 310 flies as close to the real life as possible, with the help and feedback from real 310 pilots.

Finally, some pleasant details about what to expect when sitting in the cockpit. The MilViz 310R is being recreated in its classic form, with steam gauges that will be accompanied by modern avionics like the GNS530 and 430. Even better is the planned support for the GTN750, a third-party solution that was recently introduced and has been gaining tremendous support over the last few weeks. Some developers have started to support it as an option (Just Flight did it with their Arrow III, as did the team behind the H135 helicopter), and MilViz plans to the same with their 310R. It’s definitely a great choice, as we find the GTN750 to be extremely easy to use and intuitive.

In the end, MilViz is aiming to deliver a truly exceptional experience with their 310R, and while we will have to wait probably a lit more than was expected, this is bound to be a landmark release for Flight Simulator this coming summer. Based on what the team was able to deliver with the Corsair, we don’t expect anything less from them!

Milviz Cessna 310R MSFS 1