MilViz releases the FG-1D Corsair for MSFS – first impressions

As expected, it didn’t take long for MilViz to release their very first airplane for MSFS (if we don’t consider the T-45C, built in partnership with IndiaFoxtEcho). The FG-1D Corsair is now available for purchase, and first impressions are excellent: this is a beautiful and detailed simulation that should please any warbird fanatic.

The Corsair was a very distinctive fighter from World War II, with its inverted gull wings granting it an iconic status. It seems MilViz is delivering here their typical high-quality standards, both in terms of visual detail and depth of the simulation. The studio is promising flight controls and handling that are designed to closely match the real aircraft, and there’s a great depth of systems simulation, with detailed fuel and electrical systems, engine modelling, and more.

Milviz was kind enough to provide was with a copy of their Corsair before release, and first impressions are outstanding! This truly is a beautiful recreation of the classic warbird, both outside, with stunning 3D modelling and textures, but also on the inside. All of the 21 liveries look excellent, despite some being very similar to each other, and the surfaces are full of character. There’s a well weathered look on the outside, and even a series of footprints on the wing, where the pilot puts his foot to get onboard.

The cockpit also looks incredible, an absolute masterful work: intricate, with impressive textures and a weathered, used look that gives it so much personality. It’s an absolute joy to be here, to follow the realistic start-up procedures and start moving while hearing the also excellent sounds. And the three-dimensional gauges, that shake with the plane (which also jiggles side to side with the engine running on the ground), provide a real immersive experience. It’s a full package!

The Corsair is a big airplane, powered by a manually supercharged 2000hp Double Wasp engine that gives it immense power and torque, which you will experience the moment you hear the engine roar. The supercharger is currently automatically managed by the system, even if the lever is interactive. A purely cosmetic feature, but we hope MilViz can really implement this function in a future update.

The engine tone is very pleasing, as are all the different sounds. The custom soundset is provided by SimAcoustics, who also worked on the excellent custom sounds of the PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight.

Flying the Corsair is an absolute joy, a truly immersive experience that will reward those who really want to go deep on this aircraft. There’s a complete implementation of MSFS’ interactive checklist system, which you should learn to get acquainted with the start-up procedures of the Corsair. Also, MilViz includes a beautiful user manual that explains everything in detail. There are some things to consider at first, such as ensuring that the center-of-gravity is within limits. It’s a great read and highly recommended if you’re really interested in learning everything about the Corsair.

There’s a lot here to entertain you for the near future. From the particularities of the plane (the folding wings are really cool, same for the diving brakes), to custom effects like the engine oil splattering the windshield on an engine failure, severely hindering visibility.

The Corsair is now available with 21 high quality liveries, and all of them look outstanding. It’s available initially only on the MilViz store, but should come to the MSFS Marketplace and other third-party stores once the product has been ironed after the initial release. At $39.99 USD, price is above average in comparison with the current third-party airplane offerings in MSFS, but we feel it’s a fair price considering the quality that is being delivered here.

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