Aeroplane Heaven finally releases their Spitfire… in cardboard. And for free!

Does this sound like an April Fools’ joke? Because it is, and a very fun one! Aeroplane Heaven have been teasing their Supermarine Spitfire for months (and was actually beat to the punch by the excellent FlyingIron Simulations recreation of that same legendary warbird), but today we can finally get a glimpse of what the guys from Aeroplane Heaven have in store for us. Their Spitfire is finally out, completely free… and absolutely looking like a cardboard plane put together by a child and his crazy father.

You read that right. A cardboard Spitfire in MSFS. And it looks great! Visually, it’s a treat. And it flies great, despite sounding like a Cessna. There’s even some working gauges, drawn on the cardboard by the 4 years-old designers at Aeroplane Heaven. Precocious children that will surely shape the future of aircraft development in Flight Simulator!

Ok, jokes aside, this is a master-play by the studio. An easy way to get people talking about their Spitfire, even if not yet the right one. They got us, and we’re pleased to fall into the trap. It’s always great to see a playful spirit in a community that can sometimes be harsh. There will certainly be someone complaining about the jittery prop animation in the cardboard Spitfire, or the fact that the same prop can only be seen from exterior views. But who cares, this is just a fun little joke that makes for some unique screenshots. Go ahead and try it out, it’s free and it may put a smile on your face!

In the meantime, we can’t wait to finally put our hands on the real deal from Aeroplane Simulations. Hopefully this is a signal that it’s not too far off!