AUscene releases Aldinga Airfield (YADG) for MSFS – a high quality airport for free!

AUscene, creators of beautiful Australian sceneries for flight simulation (check the stunning Ayers Rock Airport that is available for MSFS), have given us a nice Easter goodie: Aldinga Airport (YADG) is now available for Flight Simulator, and it’s completely free!

Aldinga Airfield is located to the south of Adelaide, right at the world-famous McLaren Vale Wine region. By being outside of Adelaide’s controlled airspace, Aldinga is an easy place for VFR pilots to operate, and because of that it sees a lot of private activity. It’s also the perfect place to base your biplane!

AUscene recreated the airport in gorgeous details, as expected from their previous work. The special thing here is that they are releasing it for free, which makes Aldinga the perfect showcase of the team’s work, easily accessible for anyone who wants to take a look without spending a dime.

In terms of features, there’s everything here to make for a pleasant stay. This is a handcrafted scenery that uses high resolution textures and highly detailed buildings. This level of quality extends to the included static aircraft and even some people hanging around the place.

Due to its proximity to Adelaide, we recommend you to also take a look at Orbx’s recently scenery dedicated to the city, as it greatly improves the area and, together with Aldinga Airfield, should provide an excellent destination for this weekend, as you set base on this eye-catching little airport and set out to explore the wine region, the beautiful coastline, and Adelaide’s urban center. Some very nice virtual tourism right here!

Aldinga Airfield – Adelaide (YADG) is now available as a free download through AUscene online store.

Aldinga Airfield MSFS 4
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 4
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 5
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 5
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 3
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 3
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 1
Aldinga Airfield MSFS 1


  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Aldinga Airfield for MSFS
  • High Resolution Authentic PBR Textures
  • Realistic Buildings 
  • Detailed Static Aircraft
  • 3D People
  • Interior Modelling 
  • Custom Vegetation Placement 
  • Animated Assets 
  • Dynamic Rain on Skylights 
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • Custom Taxiway Decals and Materials.