AUscene releases Ayers Rock Airport for MSFS

Long time Aussie developers AUscene have released their recreation of Ayers Rock Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ayers Rock Airport – Uluru (YAYE) is perfectly located for sightseeing across the Australian Outback, specially if you’re looking to appreciate the world famous rock – Uluru – which sits very close by. Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a symbol of Australia know through the world and a very important place for the local indigenous population.

AUscene has been creating gorgeous Australian airports for many years, and this seems to be no exception. The previews images and video are beautiful, full of highly detailed textures and objects, easily sparking the desire to just go there and appreciate the scenery.

Going there may actually be an adventure in and of itself, as Uluru is right in the heart of Australia, far from the biggest cities in the country. However, the trip is a good excuse to appreciate the Australian Outback with its rich, warm colors.

Ayers Rock Airport – Uluru (YAYE) is now available for MSFS.


  • Hand Crafted Rendition of Ayers Rock Airport for MSFS
  • MSFS Native
  • High Resolution Baked PBR Textures
  • Interior Modelling (Hanger and Tower)
  • Animated flags and luggage belts
  • Realistic Aprons with Custom Materials
  • Dynamic Rain on the Control Tower Glass
  • Custom Vegetation Placement
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • Detailed Static Aircraft and Ramp Objects
  • Detailed Static Helicopters
  • Custom Taxiway Decals

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