Spruce up your XCub with this excellent Livery Pack by Bush League Legends

Here at MSFS Addons we are big fans of the CubCrafters XCub, a reliable, rugged bush plane that you can take anywhere. It’s an amazing and fun little plane that is a joy to customise and try new liveries on. And that’s what we’re bringing you today, an extensive, high quality and free livery pack for the XCub, from a team of flight sim enthusiasts: the Bush League Legends.

The Legends XCub Pack A is a growing collection of over 65 custom liveries, all designed by members of the Bush League Legends club, and includes a wide variety os styles to suit your mood. From new, shiny liveries to some well used and even very dirty ones, there’s a little here for everyone.

The perfect match for these liveries is definitely the Bush League Legends’ very own XCub Performance+ Mod, which we’ve featured before, that improves the XCub performance to a more powerful, up-to-spec version, making it even more fun to fly. You should try that too!

The Legends XCub livery pack is available for free at the Bush League Legends website.