Blue Bird Simulations confirms its 757 for MSFS will come to Xbox too

Blue Bird Simulations has come to public this week with a few exciting updates concerning its high-awaited Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is a project that has been evolving steadily since it was first unveiled back in February and, along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about the whole thing. This week, the developer provided another short development update, where one thing stands out: the 757 is absolutely coming to the Xbox!

Blue Bird Simulations hasn’t exactly been too expansive with words concerning this project. We’ve mostly seen new preview images as the modeling and texturing work advances. However, the developer has received a few frequent questions and decided to provide some answers through the company’s Facebook page.

One of the most frequent questions that get asked about the Blue Bird Simulations 757 is if the aircraft will become available on the Xbox consoles upon release. The developer reveals that the plan is, in fact, to “absolutely” bring the 757 to Xbox, even if that doesn’t happen during the initial release.

Blue Bird Simulations 757 MSFS 2

Good news for console simmers, who have not had the chance to fly a few high-profile airliners like the PMDG 737s (even though those will eventually come to the console too), the Fenix A320, or the Maddog X, among others.

Blue Bird Simulations also revealed that the 757 will initially come with just the passenger version in both its 200 and 300 variants. Each will be available with Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engines, along with winglet and non-winglet types.

Those looking to get a cargo version of the 757 will have to wait a little longer. The developers say that this particular model will come at a later stage as an Expansion Pack.

Blue Bird Simulations 757 MSFS 4

Blue Bird Simulations 757 MSFS 1

Along with this new update, Blue Bird Simulations also published a few preview images of the aircraft. These showcase the impressive levels of detail that are being put in the landing gear, which bode well for the overall quality of the model.

As always, we’ll bring you regular updates about the 757 for MSFS, as the development team continues to share their progress ahead of the release, which remains squarely expected for sometime next year. In the meantime, enjoy the images above and make sure to check the previous updates below!