(New images!) Just Flight and BlueBird Simulations further tease the Boeing 757 for MSFS

Update, April 13 – Following our original post from yesterday, today Just Flight and BlueBird Simulations published some stunning new images of the Boeing 757 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This airliner is looking very impressive, but development is still expected to last for more than a year. See below all the new shots!

Just Flight and BlueBird Simulations caused a bit of a stir a few weeks ago when they announced the development of the Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A new airliner for MSFS is always something to be excited about, and while this is a project to look out for in 2023, the people involved have recently shared some new WIP shots that definitely whet our appetite for this iconic jetliner!

BlueBird Simulations has been sharing some images on its Facebook page, which seems to be the best place to get the latest updates directly from the developer. Since the official announcement, we’ve seen a few additional shots of the external fuselage, which the developer says is now about 50-60% complete.

Just Flight, on the other hand, also teased very recently the interior of the 757, with some new images of the instruments and flight deck.

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.1

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.2

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.3

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.4

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.6

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.7

Boeing 757 MSFS just flight.8

A development update regarding this development of the Boeing 757 for MSFS is due soon, where we should learn more details about the current progress with this project. Currently estimated for 2023, there’s still a long way out until it sees the light of day, but it’s always great to see how things are going behind the scenes.

As stated before, this project aims to bring a fairly detailed rendition of the Boeing 757-200/300 to MSFS, looking to provide a more in-depth experience than the default airliners, but not quite reaching a “study-level” status.

While some hardcore simmers may find this a little disappointing, others will appreciate the accessibility that should come with this product. With still a long way to go, enjoy this first set of detailed interior and exterior shots!