The Kodiak 100 from SimWorks Studios is almost ready, coming this summer

We have been following SimWorks Studios’ work with their Kodiak 100 for some time, and it now seems the aircraft is nearing completion, aiming for a release for Flight Simulator in July/August.

In the latest development update, the developers have shared some details about the current progress with their new aircraft. All is going well, with everything mostly complete. The focus is now on the flight model and adding checklists and sounds. The same goes for the overall systems.

The cockpit is now looking great and is the focus of the two preview images that were shared by the studio. This, along with the external model, is being finalized with some additional polish, stencils and stickers.

When it comes to sounds, the Kodiak will get real samples that were recorded from a real aircraft, which will hopefully enable an authentic and high-quality soundscape for the aircraft.

Kodial 100 MSFS Flight Simulator 1

Besides the customary progress update, SimWorks Studios also unveiled some additional details about pricing and the included variants. The Kodiak will be released in two separate packages: a wheeled and an amphibian version.

The wheeled version will come with Tundra, Summit, Skydive, cargo and mixed cargo/pax interiors, along with the option for a cargo pod, standard and tundra tyres. It will be available for 30€, and is currently expected to come out in “late July to mid-August”.

The amphibian version will be released afterward, especially considering the Xbox release of Flight Simulator on July 27th. With the expectation of significant upgrades with water physics and effects coming with the console release, the amphibian Kodiak will possibly need some extra time in the hangar to receive some adjustments in preparation for a release post-MSFS-Xbox-launch. This variant will be available for just 15€, although it’s unclear at this point if this is a standalone release or an upgrade price for those who bought the wheeled version.

The Kodiak 100 is a true workhorse, a STOL-capable aircraft that can go to some seriously hard to reach locations. Similar to the Cessna Caravan, it will be a great choice for those difficult bush missions to many dangerous airfields around the world!

Kodiak 100 MSFS 4


Kodiak 100 MSFS 2