Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X / S on July 27

After much anticipation, Flight Simulator is finally coming to Xbox Series X / S next month, July 27th. The release date was revealed today during E3 and was followed by a stunning new trailer that was captured in 4K on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be happy to know that MSFS will be available in their library, just as it is with those playing on PC. Moreover, the entire PC experience that has since been brought to life, with all the free World Updates, will also be available on the Xbox version.

The developers are promising to deliver a console version of MSFS that is as authentic and realistic as its PC counterpart. It’s indeed a milestone release on consoles, since never before have consoles received an in-depth flight simulator such as MSFS.

While the release will only happen on July 27, Xbox Game Pass members can already pre-install the game, hopefully reducing waiting times once the day finally comes.

An Xbox release opens up Flight Simulator to millions of potential new pilots and may help bring a more mainstream appeal into the sim. Hopefully, Asobo and Microsoft will continue to be able to cater to both audiences: the casual console players looking for a gamified experience, and the hardcore simmers who look for the deepest simulation possible.

This release is also formally introducing DirectX 12, which promises improved visuals and performance, possibly allowing the advanced Flight Simulator tech to deliver both high quality visuals and performance with next-gen console hardware. And it’s very likely these improvements will also apply to PC!