A Kodiak 100 progress update from SimWorks Studios

SimWorks Studios have recently announced their new aircraft for MSFS, the Kodiak 100. This comes after the release of the Zenith CH701 STOL aircraft and, more recently, the Okavango Delta scenery. Now the time has come to know a little more about this project, with a new set of images.

These new images show that the exterior of the Kodiak is mostly complete, and it will be coming wit ha wide variety of repaints. The developers expect to the release the aircraft with 25 liveries, in three different configurations. There will be a standard version with normal tires, a tundra variant and also an amphibian.

When it comes to the interior, it’s the area that needs more work, and no images have been shared showing the current progress here. However, the systems’ implementation is going well underway, with the Kodiak receiving its G1000 avionics. A good thing is that the Working Title G1000 mod will be supported, which will allow a number of additional features to be available, such as Engine, System and Fuel screens on the MFD.

The developers are also working on the electrical system, which bodes well for any expectation for a relatively complex aircraft. We are very curious to see how SimWorks is going to recreate the Kodiak. If successful, this will be a very versatile airplane, but it does pose a series of challenges that the developers will need to overcome. Not only are turboprop engines in need of some important fixes in MSFS, but also water physics, essential for a correct recreation of the amphibious variant, need to get some attention from Asobo in order to get better simulated in the sim.

Curious about a release date? So do we, but there’s no information about that yet. Stay tuned for further updates!