Okavango Delta released for Flight Simulator, bringing plenty of virtual safari opportunities

SimWorks Studios and Area77 Simulations have released their comprehensive Okavango Delta scenery for Flight Simulator, a great opportunity to tour a world-famous safari destination and appreciate the luxurious African wildlife from above.

The duo of developers has created a seriously complete package that includes many features to be explored. The promise here is to deliver more than a scenery: the goal is to provide a unique experience, one that can’t be had anywhere else in Flight Simulator.

To accomplish this goal, the developers faithfully recreated the Okavango region with the accurate placement of over 12.000 animals, which can be seen from the air, or even from down below. On the ground there’s an interesting surprise in store for the near future: the inclusion of a drivable vehicle, to be released soon after this initial scenery release (freeware), which should make it possible to appreciate the details of the scenery and the wildlife from very close.

Additionally, using the drone camera is encouraged, for the very same reasons: it allows the tourist (you) to get up-close to the animals and appreciate them in all their glory. It’s also the best way to appreciate the interior details of the included camps.

There are six camps built into this package, representing the real-world sites knows as Abu, Nxabega, Xigera, Chief’s Island, Mombo and Guma.

As you would expect, there are also a series of airstrips that you can use to explore the area. They are nine in total, based on the real-world counterparts, and serve as an important feature in the also included bush trips. That’s right, besides the overhauled scenery, airfields and wildlife, the developers have also included two bush trips that should be the perfect starting point to explore all the work that the developers did in Okavango.

Be careful though. Animals in the Okavango are left with total freedom, and may even venture into the airstrips, where they can become a hazard when shooting for that landing. So make sure to pay close attention to your environment whenever deciding to land.

This scenery is best explored with a small airplane, capable of flying low and slow. It turns out SimWorks Studios has just the right pick for the job, with their Zenith CH701 STOL (and, in the future, with the Kodiak 100). An even better choice may be a helicopter, considering that there’s are a number of helipads scattered around. For that, there’s no better choice than the excellent (and free) Airbus H135.

The Okavango Delta is now available for a fairly affordable 22.99€.


  • 9200 sq. km of scenery with hand-placed wetlands and objects
  • More than 12000 animals spread around the area
  • Nine custom airstrips
  • Six camps modelled in very high detail with building interiors: Abu, Nxabega, Xigera, Chief’s camp, Mombo, Guma
  • Many smaller camps and tour groups
  • Multiple helipads scattered around the delta
  • A repaint of the C208 in the imaginary “Safari Wings” livery
  • Two bush trips to fly around the delta