SimWorks Studios announces Kodiak 100 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios has announced the development of a new aircraft for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. After releasing the Zenith CH701 STOL late last year, the dev studio is now working on a new STOL airplane that is similarly built for adventure: the Kodiak 100.

Formerly known as Quest Kodiak, but now as Daher Kodiak, this is a powerful airplane that can go to many challenging small strips. The SimWorks version will also offer an amphibian variant, thus allowing the Kodiak to also land on water.

The Kodiak 100 will be available with multiple interior configurations and at least 18 liveries, so you’re not going to lack variety when it will come to choose a paint scheme to fly with. Additionally, the developers are promising Wwise custom audio environment.

For now, there’s only a single image depicting the airplane, but we will certainly keep a close eye on this new aircraft’s development and let you know once there are more details. Stay tuned!