FlightSim Studio announces the SeaRey Elite Amphibian for MSFS

There’s an interesting new amphibian aircraft coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, currently under development by FlightSim Studio. The SeaRey Elite Amphibian, an American two-seat, single-engined flying boat, is currently in active development and will be the team’s first standalone aircraft for MSFS.

FlightSim Studio is mostly known for creating sceneries for MSFS, such as Heide-Büsum and Kufstein-Langkampfen airfields, or some of the bespoke airports that came with World Update 6. In fact, the team has been working closely with Asobo and Microsoft on further additions to the platform, most notably with the introduction of official glider support, finally coming later this year with the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS..

Now with the bulk of that task coming to an end, FlightSim Studio has announced the development of the SeaRey Elite Amphibian as they try to capitalize on the recent learnings with aircraft development for the sim. Thanks to this and to easy access to a real-world aircraft, the team is looking to bring to MSFS a highly accurate and authentic rendition of the cool-looking SeaRey.

SeaRey MSFS Flight Simulator 4

SeaRey MSFS Flight Simulator 3

SeaRey MSFS Flight Simulator 2

SeaRey MSFS Flight Simulator 1

With that in mind, FlightSim Studio will replicate the Elite version of the aircraft, with two different versions: one is the more polished factory build, while the other will feature the more unrefined looks of a home-built airplane.

FlightSim Studio also shared some initial preview images of the model that provide a good idea of the expected modeling quality in this aircraft. In terms of the simulation itself, this is a simple machine, but the developers are doing their best to implement some special equipment that is featured in the real reference aircraft. A tablet will be included with some added functionality, such as controls for movable parts, a navigation map, and some kind of interactive walkaround.

FlightSim Studios says that a beta stage for this project will start in August, but there’s no estimated date for a release. However, they promise that this little flying boat will arrive on the Xbox with a “competitive price, to be followed by an “enhanced version” for PC.