World Update VI now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator welcomes today a host of new additions and improvements to the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. World Update VI is now available for free through the in-game Marketplace.

This update was initially expected to come out a couple of weeks earlier, but the Flight Simulator team decided a few more days were needed to accommodate necessary improvements and stability. It’s finally available now, adding brand new content to this region full of spots to discover for any pilot.

World Update VI follows the same idea of similar content updates that have previously focused on the Nordics, France and Benelux, UK, the United States and Japan. This time the world of Flight Simulator sees a major update hit a region known for the stunning vistas across mountainranges and never ending green pastures. There’s new high-resolution aerial imagery and elevation data, along with several new 3D cities in Germany, Basel in Switzerland and Graz and Vienna in Austria. Expect also to see significantly improved graphics when flying over the Alps.

Together with the overall improvements with textures and elevation resolution, World Update VI also includes over 100 famous locations and several bespoke airport such as Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen. Obvisously, as with every World Update, you will also have new discovery flights, landing challenges and bush trips to help you discover this regions and all its beautiful landmarks.

World Update VI: Austria, Germany and Switzerland is now available for all users of Flight Simulator (PC and Xbox). You can get the update through the Marketplace. Make sure to install any prior updates that may be available when launching the sim, and also head to the Content Manager when all is done to download any additional updates that may be available there. It’s a surprisingly convoluted process, but you need to go through these different stages to make sure you’re all set. For a full list with all the changes introduced, check the official release notes.

Today would also be the day to fly a new airplane, the Junker JU-52. Unfortunately that will have to wait a couple more days. It was initially scheduled to be released along with World Update VI, but has since been slightly delayed to this Thursday, September 9th.