FlyByWire unveils first full exterior shots of its A380X for Flight Simulator

FlyByWire is starting to remove the wraps around its highly-anticipated Airbus A380X. After teasing us with a glimpse into the instrument panel and a somewhat mysterious image of a winglet. But this week the team is being more generous, offering the first full look into the aircraft’s exterior and a nice view of a wing and its two mounted engines.

This ambitious project appears to be coming to fruition at a good pace. FlyByWire has stated before that a first functional version of the A380X may arrive until the end of the year. They are certainly moving ahead with development. Besides these new images, the team has been sharing a few videos on its Discord channel showcasing how some of the systems work, such as arrival and departure selection through the FMS, with SIDs and STARs included.

As for the new shots, they show the full external model of the aircraft for the first time in Flight Simulator. They may not be particularly revealing – after all, we all know how a A380 looks -, possibly because texturing work is still to be done, but it’s definitely an amazing sight to see this magnificent beast in MSFS.

The biggest surprise about this project continues to be… the price. FlyByWire will be releasing the A380X for free when it’s eventually ready to be published. Seeing how it’s evolving, especially with the promises of a really high-quality experience, this will be a huge gift to the community!