Just Flight shares extensive details about the BAe 146 Professional for MSFS

After the highly successful release of the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer, Just Flight’s talented developers are now shifting their focus to other projects for MSFS. The 146 Professional is arguably the most interesting, when compared to the also upcoming F28 Fellowship, and Just Flight is now finally unveiling some detailed information after teasing this project a few weeks ago.

Following on their brilliant work with the Hawk and the PA-28 Arrows, Just Flight is once again looking to recreate another aircraft, this time the BAe 146, in stunning detail, both from a visual and from a simulation standpoint. The goal is to recreate the 100, 200 and 300 series of this classic British airliner, in passenger and cargo variants, and with an in-depth simulation of a huge variety of the aircraft’s systems.

With the official launch of the development of the 146 Professional for MSFS, Just Flight published its usual development page for the project, with a list of all the features that we should expect to see in the final product. The list is long and honestly rather impressive. It will be a very comprehensive package, with a vast selection of liveries from the known operators of the 146, and the aircraft itself will have extensive custom-coding for things such as the auto-flight system, the FMC, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems, and much more.

Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 9.jpg

Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 8.jpg

Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 7.jpg

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Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 4.jpg

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Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 2.jpg

Just FLight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 1.jpg

One of the most impressive aspects of the Hawk was its stunning sounds, and Just Flight is looking to deliver a similarly immersive experience with the 146, thanks to the use of sound recordings from a real airplane, carefully mixed in a Wwise sound package.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Just Flight’s plans for the BAe 146, make sure to read the extensive list of details on the official development page. There are also a few new images available, showcasing the current state of the aircraft, both inside and out. It’s clear that there’s still some work to do to make the 146 look like it should in MSFS, but Just Flight will surely deliver on that front, as they’ve done in the past.

As usual, we will keep a very close eye on this project. It’s not every day that we see a new MSFS airliner under the spotlight, so it’s great to see that we have something truly special in the pipeline. As for a release, there’s no indication about when that might happen, as expected given the early stage of development. Let’s see what the developers will continue to bring to our attention over the coming weeks and months!