FlyByWire teases its Airbus A380 with a new image

FlyByWire may have found some tremendous success with its excellent A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the team isn’t resting on its laurels. Besides the continued development of the A32NX, they are also working to bring a virtual recreation of the Airbus A380 to MSFS.

We’ve seen some development images over the last few months, which showed continuous progress with the modeling of the cockpit and even some systems already being implemented. These were mostly renders of the work in progress, but today we got a teasing new image that shows the superjumbo inside MSFS.

It’s an external shot that offers an under-wing perspective of the aircraft as seen from the left-wing winglet. It shows a bit of the two engines mounted under the wing and a very tiny glimpse into the aircraft’s nose.

Admittedly, it isn’t much, but at least should be proof that work is underway on this project. FlyByWire has previously stated that a first functional version of the A380 may arrive later this year, so hopefully we will soon start to see a little more about where this project is going. And remember: this will be free!