PhotoSimLabs has released St. Croix Airport, in the US Virgin Islands

The United States Virgin Islands is a paradisiac destination in the Caribbean, known for its gorgeous beaches of white sand and clear tropical waters. It’s a group of more than 50 islands, but only three main ones: Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas. PhotoSimLabs is now in the process of launching improved versions of the islands for MSFS, starting with Saint Croix, Buck Island, and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX).

This is the first product of PhotoSimLabs for Flight Simulator and it’s an ambitious project that effectively overhauls more than 210 square kilometers of Flight Simulator’s scenery. Starting with St. Croix, the entire island has been overhauled, with special attention falling one its most important cities and landmarks. Christiansted and Frederiksted, the two main cities in St. Croix, have been fully recreated for MSFS, including many custom buildings.

Also in St. Croix and definitely the highlight if this release is Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, the main airport in the islands which serves as the main access point to the US and other Caribbean countries nearby. PhotoSimLabs recreated this airport with accuracy and realism in mind, with an extensive coverage of the airport’s premises and surrounding areas, dynamic night lighting, PBR materials, and more.

US Virgin Islands MSFS 2

US Virgin Islands MSFS 1

US Virgin Islands MSFS 5

So, you have a very good excuse now to visit the stunning Virgin Islands. Not only there’s now a bespoke airport to arrive to, but you can also expect a better overall scenery around the area. The developers also worked on a complete coverage of Buck Island, and stated that St. Thomas will also be coming soon.

The Virgin Islands Part 1, with St. Croix Airport (TISX), is now available from PhotoSimLabs’ website for $20.99.

 Main features:

  • Complete coverage of The entire Island of St. Croix and Buck Island, more than 210 square kilometers.
  • Highly accurate and extensive rendition of the main town of Frederiksted, with custom made buildings along the main street and surroundings, including Fort Frederik, and the cruise ship terminal and pier.
  • Full rendition of the town of Christiansted, including the famous seaplane base, ready for those wanting to try their hand at flying a seaplane into Christiansted harbor.
  • A full and accurate rendition of the refinery area next to the airport.
  • Full and accurate rendition of the Cruzan rum distillery.
  • Custom 3D buildings throughout the entire island, including churches, shopping centers, the island jail, and more.

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