PixelPlanes and Aerosoft release the Breezer Sport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just as we anticipated just a few days ago, the German Breezer Sport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Aerosoft is bringing this project to market (it’s actually developed by PixelPlanes), priced at €20.00 + tax on their webstore.

The Breezer Sport is a two-seater ultralight aircraft constructed using classic aluminum, designed as a low-wing monoplane with a cruciform tailplane. The aircraft features side-by-side seating, retractable landing gear, and landing flaps, catering to both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

The Breezer Sport is equipped with a Rotax 915 iS/iSC engine, known for its robust performance. The engine powers the aircraft through a gearbox connected to a Neuform two-blade variable pitch propeller, promising a reliable and dynamic flying experience.

In terms of interior design and functionality, PixelPlanes says its Breezer Sport offers an authentic and realistic cockpit, modeled closely after the original specifications from Breezer Germany. The aircraft features an animated glass canopy that can be opened and closed, complete with handle animation, making for a more interactive experience for sim pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

PixelPlanes Breezer Sport MSFS 4

PixelPlanes Breezer Sport MSFS 3

PixelPlanes Breezer Sport MSFS 2

PixelPlanes Breezer Sport MSFS 1

The cockpit is equipped with an AS3 Touch instrumentation and a simplified RSFlight EMU for displaying engine data. Additional features of the Breezer Sport include an animated kneeboard with original Breezer checklists and an animated tablet offering various functions such as a Safety Pin, Pitot Cover, and controls for the Canopy and Baggage.

The Breezer Sport is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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