Watch this stunning video showcasing the FlyByWire A380 progress for MSFS

The FlyByWire team has in its hands one of the most exciting new airplanes being developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the mighty A380

The ultimate superjumbo has been in development for a while, but FlyByWire seems now keen to lift the wraps around this project at a speedier pace. After last month’s selection of detailed images of the flight deck, today the team has released the most impressive preview yet of the A380x: a gorgeous video showcasing the beautiful modeling and texturing work that is being put into the flight deck.

The video, which you can see below, speaks for itself. The interior of the A380X looks simply superb! We can’t wait to take this massive aircraft into the virtual skies in MSFS, but the FBW team continues to say that this will take a bit longer. How much longer? We don’t know, but judging from the team’s previous efforts with the A320, and considering that the A380X is planned to be free, the wait will surely be worth it!

For now, enjoy the beautiful 2 minutes of video below, previewing the modeling, textures, animations, and more: