Missing news about the FlyByWire A380 for MSFS? New images shared!

Update, July 26th – FlyByWire shared further new images of their A380X. Check the bottom of this post to see the very impressive latest shots!

The talented folks at FlyByWire continue hard at work on improving their already legendary A32NX, the freeware simulations of the Airbus A320 that continues to be one of the best airliners currently available in the simulator. In parallel, the team has also been working on a fascinating new project, the A380X. Today we have a couple of brand new images that showcase the stunning levels of texturing detail that FBW is putting in this model!

The A380X remains an elusive project, with just a few teaser images shared here and there. The last time we heard about it was actually last Christmas, when FBW dropped an easter egg with an update to the Installer app that allowed people to see the external model of the A380X sitting in a hangar.

Now, the team is showing a couple of images that hint at significant advancements in the modeling and texturing of the A380. Shared on FlyByWire’s official Discord server, these images provide a very up-close preview of two distinct areas of the flight deck and show us some very detailed texturing in the screens, knobs, and plates of the instrument panel.

FlyByWire A380 preview msfs 1

FlyByWire A380 preview msfs 2

It seems evident that the FlyByWire A380X will not be a brand new aircraft, as we can see some clear signs of wear and tear in these textures. This is certainly welcomed as it provides a more authentic look of the aircraft, which, as we know, is no longer in production in the real world.

Besides these two new images, FlyByWire says that the team has been busy “adding animations, testing systems, and developing avionics behind the scenes“. Going forward, they expect to be able to start showing more previews in the near future, which we would appreciate very much. Especially now that the interest in the FBW A32NX has faded a little since Fenix released their brilliant A320. Who wouldn’t want to see the world’s largest passenger airliner in MSFS? I know I would!

July 26thNew images!

FlyByWire took to their busy Discord server to share the latest images of the A380X, this time featuring the incredibly detailed center pedestal, which now seems to be up to a quality level we’ve not seen yet in this project!

This new trio of images shows some remarkably detailed textures, a bit dirty in places as we would expect in an aircraft that has flown thousands of hours. But the highlight here is the high-quality modeling, the clarity of the textures and the labels, and the overall visual realism.

FlyByWire A380X MSFS 2

FlyByWire A380X MSFS 1

FlyByWire A380X MSFS 3

See below these stunning new images, which hopefully indicate that FlyByWire is moving forward at an accelerated pace with this aircraft!