A Christmas Special from FlyByWire: the A380X is free to visit in MSFS

The talented and very creative team at FlyByWire has reserved a very cool Christmas treat for all of those eagerly waiting for the A380. A static model of the Airbus superjumbo, the one FlyByWire has been working on for quite some time, is now waiting for your visit inside MSFS!

To celebrate this holiday season and as a small gift to the community, FlyByWire released a custom airport, KFBW, that serves as a sort of museum where the A380X model is on full display in a massive hangar. It’s a showcase of the project as it stands right now, with the external model of the aircraft and part of the cockpit as well. There are also cool bits and pieces around, such as a series of holiday-themed objects and also computer desks named after the developers of this project. They all seem curious about the A380 release date for some reason… can Google answer that question?

Teasing aside, we’re looking at a static model, as stated by a welcome sign near the aircraft, not representative of the final product. It’s rather a creative Christmas gift to FlyByWire fans, getting people hyped for the aircraft. Interestingly, it’s also an Easter egg!

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 14

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 13

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 12

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 11

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 10

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 9

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 8

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 2

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 1

You see, in order to visit the A380 in MSFS and see it with your own eyes, you will have to get the FlyByWire Installer. Then, select the A380X in the sidebar and then click a few times on the icon at the center of the screen. You will then be presented with the option to install KFBW, the FlyByWire headquarters where the A380X is stationed.

After installing, just load MSFS and spawn at your newly installed airport, KFBW. You can also fly there from the nearest airport (KTNP). Once at the site, you will easily spot the huge FlyByWire hangar, with the A380X waiting for you inside. Switch to the drone camera and tour the scenery and the aircraft as you please.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? And not, it’s not flyable… Enjoy the views, and the FlyByWire team wishes you all happy holidays!

FlyByWire A380X Christmas model 5