FlyByWire shares new images of the upcoming A380NX for MSFS

A short but exciting update today from the brilliant team at FlyByWire, who shared a handful of beautiful new images of their upcoming rendition of the Airbus superjumbo, the A380NX.

We´ve seen some periodic development updates about this project, but they have been light on details. Announced more than a year ago, the A380NX aims to be a freeware replica of the Airbus A380. The first flyable build was expected for this year, but there’s been little news on that front, so don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

If you’re of our (many) German-speaking visitors, then check the video below from the CAPT //// A320 Youtube channel, where the hosts interviewed a member of the FlyByWire team earlier this year. In this stream, a few exclusive images of the A380NX were shared depicting the aircraft’s state at the time. Mind you, this was in May, so things must have advanced considerably since then. Still, given the lack of A380NX shots so far, we gladly accept what we’re given!

These new images preview several different areas of the A380NX, such as the front and rear model of an engine, a wide overview over the entire cockpit, a closeup of the overhead panel, and a sneak-peek into the aircraft parked inside the hangar.

A few months after that stream, FlyByWire published today high-resolution versions of those images, with no additional information about the current state of the project. We share them below for your convenience as well.

While we wait for more in-depth news about the biggest jetliner in the world, other developers are moving ahead with their respective projects, such as PMDG with its 737, and Fenix Simulations with the A320, both looking to be two extremely detailed simulations of each respective aircraft.

FlyByWire A380NX MSFS 3

FlyByWire A380NX MSFS 4

FlyByWire A380NX MSFS 5

FlyByWire A380NX MSFS 2