Check these magnificent new cockpit images of the PMDG 737 for MSFS

After yesterday’s somewhat alarming update from PMDG, concerning the current development state of the 737NGX for MSFS, today we hear again from Robert Randazzo, this time with a much more satisfying update: a handful of truly spectacular new images of the remarkably detailed 737 cockpit.

This new iteration of the PMDG 737 for MSFS is looking to meet everyone’s expectations for a new flagship aircraft in the platform, both in terms of pure simulation and with regard to visuals. We’ve seen just a few images of the aircraft over the last few months, but this new set of shots from the flight deck is one of the most impressive collections yet.

Robert Randazzo reiterates what he has said before about the capabilities of MSFS to deliver much more true-to-life graphics, and this can be seen extensively on these new images. From the overhead panel to the pedestal, in daylight or with beautiful night lighting, the 737 cockpit shines in MSFS with incredibly realistic 3D graphics and textures. See below:

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 9

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 8

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 7

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 6

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 5

PMDG 737 cockpit MSFS 4

After the drool-worthy images, Randazzo talked again about his yesterday statements, clearing up any misunderstandings about the current development status of the 737. Make no mistake, this continues to be an aircraft in very active development, now with even more resources than ever. PMDG is just refraining from giving any estimated release date, for now, until they have some answers from Asobo concerning some of the issues that the team is currently facing.