FlyByWire shares new stunning images of the A380 for MSFS

It’s hard not to get our blood pumping with the upcoming Airbus A380 for MSFS, by the incredible people from FlyByWire. While development is expected to take its time, it’s very promising to see the team responsible for the excellent A32NX working on such a complex airplane. And things are looking good, with some very nice progress on the cockpit modeling, as we can see on the latest images that were just shared by the development team.

On the latest update just a couple of weeks ago we had a glimpse of the very good looking overhead panel, but now FlyByWire is being more generous, with a series of images showing details in several key areas. There’s new images showing the instrument panel, FCU, overhead buttons and overall views over the cockpit. Note that while colors and decals are now applied, work with textures is still to be done.

Arguably even more interesting is the preview of the MFD, already showing the screens filled with information. It looks like the work on the systems is also underway, although we expect some work can be brought here from the A32NX.

Remember, this is going to be a freeware airplane! Initial plans were for a functional first version somewhere until the end of this year, and if current progress is of any indication, things are looking good. The A380 is moving forward at a steady pace! As usual, we will keep a close eye on it and let you know of any further developments!