Get the Diamond DA62X Improvement Mod and the WT G1000 NXi for a superb flying machine in MSFS

The Diamond DA62 is one of the most interesting airplanes in its category. It’s a modern, twin-engine light aircraft that offers a rare combination of performance, efficiency, cofort and safety. In Microsoft Flight Simulator it is too a nice airplane to fly but, as we often see, improvements can definitely be made to turn it into a more realistic and fun machine. Thankfully, there’s a brilliant freeware mod available that significantly improves the DA62 in a number of factors, especially when also paired with the excellent Working Title G1000 NXi. We have talked about it before, but now it’s better than ever!

The DA62X Improvement Mod adds a series of very welcome enhancements to the default aircraft, effectively introducing more accurate performance figures across the entire flight envelope. Changes to the FADEC, for example, offer accurate engine performance at all altitudes and accurate fuel flows and oil/coolant temperature/pressure behavior. You will now have to carefully manage and monitor the DA62’s powerful engines. Stress them too much and the engine may overheat and even catch fire.

But there’s much more. This freeware mod significantly overhauls the entire flying experience of the DA62. The flight model has been tuned to more closely follow the official figures. Cruise speeds and climb rates are more accurate, controls are smoother, flaps produce both more lift and drag, which is also augmented with the gear down.

msfs da62 mod

msfs da62 mod.jpg2 .jpg

The DA62’s systems are also improved. The anti-ice system has been completely redone, with functional windshield defrost and ice-light. ECU tests are also possible now, with fully functioning ECU voters.

Besides the long list of enhancements to the overall performance and flight dynamics, there’s also compatibility with the Working Title G1000 NXi, which introduces a huge number of improvements to the default G1000. The end result is a fantastic combination of a fun light twin-engine with a feature-packed avionics suite, both of them continually improving with frequent updates. Check here the latest news about the G1000 NXi and its features to see what it adds to the overall experience when flying the DA62.

mrtommymxr, creator of this mod, also included a very handy PDF guide with details about every feature and change. It’s a useful document to learn everything that is new with the DA62 and how to use certain features of the mod.

The Diamond DA62X Improvement Mod is available for free at As for the WT G1000 NXi, it’s also freely available for download from the MSFS Marketplace.