Project Coastline Italy: Explore the Italian coast like never before in a simulator

Our world is filled with countless beautiful locations, which are often just a dream in so many holiday plans from people all around the world. Microsoft Flight Simulator has enabled, in some way, a sort of virtual tourism, where we can explore places on our planet that would otherwise be hard to reach.

One of these beautiful regions has to be Italy, which happens to be one of the most visited countries in the world but is often overlooked in flight simulation. Today we bring you a great addon for MSFS that may compel you to visit this charming Mediterranean paradise!

Project Coastline Italy was released about a year ago, looking to enhance the entire coastline of Italy with many relevant buildings and objects. The developer has been constantly updating his product, with the goal to provide a more realistic and immersive experience for pilots flying along the Mediterranean coast, with the addition of features such as rocks, cliffs, boats, docks, marinas, lighthouses, night lighting, and much more.

Now at version 1.2.0, Project Coastline Italy covers more than 400 km of coastline, including the stunning region of Tuscany and the harbors of Genoa, Cagliari, Palermo, Trieste, or Naples, among many more. Boats have been added along the whole Italian coast, and some famous landmarks are also included, such as the Lighthouse of Genoa.

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 12

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 11

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 10

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 9

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 8

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 7

The default coastline scenery in MSFS is often dull and lifeless, despite being generally accurate in its textures and overall shape. This offers a good opportunity for third-party developers to bring some life to these places where the land meets the ocean, something that is also useful for VFR flights. By adding the typical structures that are often seen along coasts, the scenery in MSFS becomes more realistic, more interesting and engaging.

It’s an idea that we’ve seen before from Seafront Simulations, although in other areas of the world. It’s great to see other developers doing the same in other places, and Italy totally deserves these enhancements!

Project Coastline Italy is available from Simmarket for just around €20.00. It’s a great deal, considering the comprehensive changes that it introduces and how often it’s being updated. Italian pilots will certainly take the most value out of it, but anyone can plan and enjoy a long tour across Italy’s coastline and appreciate the great scenery below. Worth a look!

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 6

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 4

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 3

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 2

Project Coastline Italy MSFS 1