MSFS Marketplace welcomes the PMDG 737-800, H125 helicopter, Vessels: Madeira, and more

It’s a sweet Marketplace update this week as some long-awaited add-ons get released or updated in the platform. Some of these additions include the PMDG 737-800, Cowan Simulation’s H125 helicopter, Seafront Simulations’ Vessels: Madeira & Vessels: The Canary Islands, and Aerosoft’s Offshore Landmarks – North Sea

PMDG 737-800 Now Available in the MSFS Marketplace

The highly sought-after PMDG 737-800, a favorite among airliners and the most coveted of the 737NG variants, is now available in the MSFS Marketplace. Initially published in August 2022, the add-on finally makes its way to the Marketplace, but only for PC users for the time being. However, an Xbox release is expected to follow soon.

PMDG 737 800 MSFS 1

Cowan Simulation H125 takes flight on the consoles

Following the success of the MD500E and the Bell 206B3, the H125 offers an immersive and realistic flying experience of this fantastic helicopter in MSFS. The real-world H125, manufactured by Airbus, is known for its outstanding performance and versatility, making it a favorite for various industries such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, aerial work, and tourism.

Cowan Simulation’s H125 boasts a remarkable list of features, including comprehensive start-up procedures, high-quality visuals, multiple versions, floats/blown floats, dynamic weight options, a Wwise sound pack, VR compatibility, and more.

Seafront Simulations Vessels: Madeira & Vessels: The Canary Islands now on Xbox

After five months of waiting, Xbox users can finally enjoy Seafront Simulations’ Vessels: The Canary Islands and Vessels: Madeira. These scenery packs greatly enhance the flying experience around the coastal areas of these popular locations and are now available for PC and Xbox through the Marketplace, priced at $8.49 for Madeira and $14.99 for The Canary Islands.

Latest releases in the MSFS Marketplace:


  • Boeing 737-800 (PMDG Simulations) – $69.99 (PC)
  • CS H125/AS350B3e (Cowan Simulation) – $32.99 (PC/Xbox)
msfs marketplace 20 april 2023 aircraft


  • Airbus A310 World Liveries Pack One (FSoares) – $6.99 (PC/Xbox)
msfs marketplace 20 april 2023 liveries


  • Offshore Landmarks – North Sea (Aerosoft) – $16.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • Vessels: Madeira (Seafront Simulations) – $8.49 (PC/Xbox)
  • Vessels: The Canary Islands (Seafront Simulations) – $14.99 (PC/Xbox)
msfs marketplace 20 april 2023 scenery


  • EDVY Porta Westfalica Airfield (Stairport) – $9.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • ENGM Oslo Gardermoen International Airport (JustSim) – $9.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • KPHL Philadelphia International Airport (FlightSim Studio AG) – $14.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • LFRK Caen-Carpiquet Airport (France VFR) – $9.99 (PC)
  • LTFG Gazipasa-Alanya Airport (ST Simulations) – $11.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • OIII Tehran Merhabad International Airport (Homasim) – $17.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • SCBA Balmaceda Airport (Simulación Extrema) – $12.99 on sale for $7.99 (PC/Xbox)
  • SIBH Helicidade Heliport (FLYT Simulations) – $5.99 (PC/Xbox)
msfs marketplace 20 april 2023 airports