Palm Springs International Airport coming soon to MSFS

Axonos has announced its newest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the launch of the stunning Jackson Hole Airport this past summer, Axonos is now on the verge of releasing another airport in the United States: Palm Springs International Airport.

Palm Springs International Airport (KPSP) is located in California, United States, just two miles from Palm Springs downtown. It’s a relatively small airport, serving just a little over 2 million passengers per year, mostly to domestic destinations. In fact, most aircraft operations in the airport are of general aviation.

Axonos didn’t reveal any specific details about this product, other than that it will be available on December 12th. It’s now also available for pre-order through Axonos’ own website, priced at $16.99. Axonos says this is an early bird price, so expect a higher cost once this product is released on the 12th.

It’s a bit strange to see a developer launching a product pre-order with no additional details other than a handful of images. We were impressed with Axonos’ rendition of Jackson Hole, which should be a good indication of the quality levels to expect with KPSP, but detailed information about the newest product, specifically when asking people to pay for it upfront, would be highly recommended. Take note!

KPSP Palm SPrings Airport MSFS 1

KPSP Palm SPrings Airport MSFS 5

KPSP Palm SPrings Airport MSFS 4

KPSP Palm SPrings Airport MSFS 2