Orbx releases a new Pacific Northwest classic: 74S Anacortes Airport for MSFS

Orbx continues to convert some of their classic sceneries from the FSX era to the wonderful new world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their small Pacific Northwest airports have always been very popular and ultra-charming, and they are getting ready to bring us back to a familiar and beloved location – 74S Anacortes Airport, nestled near the picturesque San Juan Islands in the PNW.

Located just two nautical miles west of the bustling central business district of Anacortes, a charming city in Skagit County, Washington, Anacortes Airport is a vital hub for general aviation in the region. It’s not just a gateway for aviators exploring the scenic beauty of the area but also plays a crucial role in connecting the San Juan Islands with regular passenger services, operated by San Juan Airlines.

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 1

Orbx’s return to 74S Anacortes is powered by a completely new version for MSFS that promises to be a highly detailed and accurate portrayal of the airport as it stands today.

Anacortes Airport holds a special place in the history of Pacific Northwest aviation. Established to cater to the needs of general aviation, it has been a pivotal asset for the local aviation community. The airport’s history is rich with stories of pilots and travelers who have traversed the skies over the beautiful landscapes of Skagit County.

This airport serves as a critical link for residents and visitors of the San Juan Islands, a stunning archipelago known for its natural beauty and vibrant tourism. San Juan Airlines, operating from this hub, has been instrumental in connecting the islands with Anacortes, enhancing accessibility, and fostering economic growth in the region.

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 6

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 7

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 3

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 5

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 4

Orbx 74S Anacortes MSFS 2

Orbx, with indie developer Andreas Hegi at the helm, has now released a detailed new rendition of 74S Anacortes Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you’re familiar with previous versions of this scenery on other platforms, expect to see significant upgrades that will better showcase the location’s nuances and characteristics.

Key Features:

  • A Prepar3D & FSX classic Reborn for MSFS
  • A successful continuation of the series of VFR airfields in the Pacific Northwest
  • Complete dynamic & emissive night lighting
  • Full PBR UHD texturing
  • Incredibly detailed, high-definition rendition
  • Photorealistic HD textures created from actual on-site photos to make the experience as realistic as possible
  • Perfect landing challenges for the VFR fliers

74S Anacortes Airport is out now for MSFS, priced at just around $12.00 from Orbx.