UK2000 releases Isle of Man 2021HD for MSFS

It was just last week that we had a glimpse into UK2000’s Isle of Man scenery for Flight Simulator, and now you can take a look with your own eyes, as the studio has just launched its product for the world to see.

Apparently, there’s a nasty bug that needed to be fixed in the default scenery before UK2000 would launch this, but it seems the developer got tired of waiting and launched it anyway. We can’t blame them, as we’ve seen this issue since the release of MSFS. Basically, there are areas in the default Isle of Man scenery that are either very green or purple. This needs to be fixed by Asobo, so keep that in mind and don’t blame UK2000 if you experience this issue.

As for UK2000’s work itself, it’s a full recreation of Ronaldsway Airport (EGNS), with realistic and detailed buildings, UK-style ground markings, detailed ground service vehicles and static airplanes, vegetation, fences, and more.

Isle of Man Airport MSFS 5 1

Isle of Man Airport MSFS 4 1

Isle of Man Airport MSFS 3 1

Isle of Man Airport MSFS 2 1

EGNS began its life in the last 1920s, with flights to the British mainland starting shortly after. It eventually came under the control of the RAF during World War II, but returned to civil operations after the war. This wartime history and influence can still be seen today in and around the airport.

Isle of Man 2021HD is now available from the developer’s website, and will set you back £14.99.