NZQN Queenstown Airport, in New Zealand, is now available for MSFS

Shortly after announcing this new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, iniScene has now released its depiction of New Zealand’s 4th busiest airport, NZQN Queenstown Airport.

Developed from the ground-up for MSFS, Queenstown Airport serves the resort city of the same name, an adventure destination that is very popular among the Kiwis. It also provides a good challenge due to its geographical location and the nearby “The Remarkables” mountain range.

IniScene promises an accurate and high-quality scenery, with thousands of hand-placed objects and bespoke buildings in and around the airport. Learn more about all the features in our initial announcement coverage or in the official product page.

NZQN Queenstown Airport is now available directly from iniScene and should be coming out soon on the MSFS Marketplace as well, where the Xbox version will also be available.

NZQN Queenstown Airport MSFS 5.png

NZQN Queenstown Airport MSFS 3.png

NZQN Queenstown Airport MSFS 2.png

NZQN Queenstown Airport MSFS 1.png