FlyTampa releases stunning rendition of Corfu island and airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlyTampa is one of the most renowned development studios in the flight simulation industry, with countless remarkably detailed sceneries launched over the years. These days, the team has shifted focus to MSFS and is now counting with a few very impressive products such as Sydney and Athens airports, or Las Vegas airport and city. Today there’s a fantastic new scenery that simmers can enjoy: Corfu island, in Greece, has been meticulously recreated by FlyTampa and is now ready to explore in MSFS!

We’ve known for a while that Corfu has been in the works by FlyTampa for a while, and even though the team isn’t usually very communicative ahead of the release of new products, Corfu has been in development for so long that it was bound to be released at any time.

FlyTampa Corfu MSFS 1

FlyTampa Corfu MSFS 2

FlyTampa Corfu MSFS 4

That said, we’re happy to report that FlyTampa’s new project is now finally available. As usual, it’s another high-quality product that includes a massive upgrade to the global scenery of Corfu, along with a superb rendition of the island’s main airport, Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (LGKR).

To celebrate this launch, FlyTampa also published one of the coolest trailer videos we’ve seen yet for an MSFS airport (watch it below!), a fantastic showcase of the product itself with lots of creativity and even some humor. It’s easily the best way to see what FlyTampa is bringing to the platform with this scenery, since they don’t say much in terms of written information.

Still, the video and official product images speak for themselves. We’re looking at another meticulously rendered scenery, with high-quality modeling and texturing, a huge number of custom objects, vehicles, landmarks, and passengers, and the extensive use of animations all around the scenery (including custom AI vessel routes around the island!).

If you’re looking for another place to explore in MSFS, this may very well be your best new option, and coming right at the perfect time with summer in full swing and plenty of real-world routes to operate in and out of LGKR! In fact, you can fly directly from Athens airport, which is available from FlyTampa as well!

FlyTampa’s Corfu for MSFS is available now through the team’s website, priced at $19.99.

Main features:

  • Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (LGKR) 
  • Corfu Island fully modelled and enhanced 3D city lighting
  • PBR materials on airport buildings and ground 4K and 8K
  • Internal terminal modelling (MSFS)
  • Apron clutter and customized airport detail
  • Custom animated vehicle traffic and animated passenger crowd
  • Custom sea vessels with AI routes around Corfu island