Bluebird Simulations’ Boeing 757 for MSFS gets new preview images, on track for a 2023 release

Bluebird Simulations caused a bit of a stir earlier this year with the announcement of their Boeing 757 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team is backed by Just Flight’s expertise in the industry and aims to release a fairly authentic 757 simulation for MSFS sometime next year.

Following the initial announcement, Bluebird Simulations has been relatively quiet with new development updates, sharing a new teaser image here and there. This is a complex project that is still in its early stages, so there’s only so much that the team can share with the community as work progresses at this point.

Still, this week we got another update from the team, which comes with the usual selection of preview shots, which this time show us some closer details into the modeling and texturing work that is being done in the flight deck. It’s not looking quite as impressive from up close as it did in the previous images, but we reckon the team will continue to work on the aesthetics of the aircraft as development progresses through the year.

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 8.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 7.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 6.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 5.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 4.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 3.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 2.PNG

Bluebird Boeing 757 MSFS 1.PNG

The team has used these latest months of development to work on the cockpit animations, the Flight Management System (FMS), and flight dynamics, but there’s still a lot of work to be done across the board, even if Bluebird says that the cockpit is now almost entirely animated. The FMS will now take priority and receive more development time from the team.

Interestingly, regarding the flight dynamics, Bluebird says that the 757 will include two flight models. One will be simplified and allow easier flights to inexperienced simmers, while the other will attempt to realistically recreate the flight profile if the 757 in MSFS. There’s no further information about how this will work in the end, so we’ll have to wait for further details about this specific feature of the product.

The Bluebird Simulations 757 remains on track for a release in 2023, possibly in Q2/Q3. It’s still roughly a year away, so you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate the latest previews!