PMDG update: 737-900 release schedule, Marketplace/Xbox launch, 777, and more

After a well-deserved late-summer break, PMDG’s Robert Randazzo is back this weekend with a lengthy status update on all-things-PMDG. It’s not rich in any groundbreaking news, but touches a little bit of everything going on behind the scenes and provides a good indication of what’s coming from the team over the next few months.

PMDG is now focused on finishing the 737NG product line, which is now only awaiting the release of the -900 variant. This is now aimed at a release by mid-November, if all goes well. In the meantime, you can always spend some time with the previously released 600, 700, and the super-popular 800 variant.

Mixed with this is the development of the long-awaited PMDG Flight Tablet, the EFB-like device that will power many must-have features like SimBrief and Navigraph integration, manage product options, configurations, services, and much more. Still no indication about a release date for this particular functionality… but it should take too long now!

It’s a tablet in-flight… but not the actual PMDG tablet.

Randazzo also shared a few words about the arrival of the PMDG 737 in the MSFS Marketplace. The team continues to give priority to increasing the stability of the entire product line, before having to deal with the expected influx of support questions once the Marketplace version becomes available. Randazzo also reassures simmers that no feature has been dumbed down with an Xbox release in mind!

Finally, about that Triple Seven, Randazzo reveals that the project has been moving forward at a surprisingly fast pace! The flight deck in particular looks “spectacular“, in Randazzo’s words, based on an in-service aircraft that proudly sports the wear and tear of hundreds of hours of service.

We should start to see an uptick in the number of development updates from PMDG from now on, as the team resumes work after a resting period and sprints ahead with the aforementioned releases. Make sure to read Randazzo’s full statement in the PMDG forums for some additional tidbits!