The PMDG 737-600 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

After some delays, PMDG has finally released their second variant of the ubiquitous Boeing 737NG for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The 737-600 is now available and priced lower than anticipated: just $34.99!

The 737-600 comes to MSFS with PMDG’s characteristically high attention to detail and systems fidelity. It follows the same path initiated by the -700 variant when it launched back in May, offering simmers in Microsoft Flight Simulator the possibility to fly a highly-realistic and authentic Boeing 737 on the platform.

Most simmers have been waiting for the most popular 737 variant, the -800, which will be the next in line on PMDG’s release schedule. But first, the team needed to get the -600 out of the way, which they finally managed to do after a few delays. The wait should be worth it because this is the first aircraft in the series to feature the new and improved LNAV and VNAV simulations, which are also being introduced in the -700 model (an update is already available) and the forthcoming longer fuselages, the -800 and -900.

The 737-600 is quite unique in the 737 family, with its superb performance that enables the airliner to get into smaller airports that would otherwise be out of reach to its longer siblings. However, it was not very popular with airlines, even if SAS found it to be a perfect airplane for its Scandinavian operations. While no longer being flown by SAS, it continues to fly today with a few operators around the world.

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 11

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 9

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 8

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 7

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 6

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 5

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 4

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 3

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 2

Boeing 737 600 MSFS 1

The PMDG 737-600 comes with most of the features you would expect from a PMDG airliner… but there’s more to come. The beautiful visuals and simulation depth are all there, and PMDG is already planning a few important updates: the new EFB with Navigraph and SimBrief integration should be out this summer, while the weather radar is waiting for that feature to be added to the platform by Asobo. Continuous free updates are expected from PMDG, which promises regular improvements as the product matures.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of today’s release is the price: at just $34.99, the 737-600 is a very compelling entry-point to PMDG’s airliners in MSFS and a very nice step-up from GA pilots looking to get their feet on the big jets. It may not be the highly-awaited 737-800, but it’s a study-level airliner priced lower than some GA planes. Fantastic!

The PMDG 737-600 for MSFS is available now exclusively through PMDG’s website.

Those on the lookout for the -800 should not have to wait much longer. The current estimate from PMDG points to a release in around a couple of weeks!

Finally, a word about Marketplace releases: PMDG revealed that the 737-700 will be out on the in-sim store in just a few days! PMDG did promise that the 737 would eventually be available for Xbox, but that’s unlikely at this moment.