(New images!) Look at this pretty Milviz DHC-2 Beaver for MSFS

Earlier this week, we wrote below about the upcoming DHC-2 Beaver that Milviz is working on for MSFS. A new cockpit image had been revealed, but since then we got a few more images to show and a couple of additional details: the initial release of the Beaver will include regular wheels and ski’s. Then, on a second release, Milviz will launch the Beaver with STOL kit and amphibious floats. Original article below.

Milviz revealed their plans to bring the classic DHC-2 Beaver to Flight Simulator even before the release of this new platform (are we still saying it’s new? The 1st anniversary is upon us!). The Beaver is a classic in itself and a classic from Milviz too, a high-fidelity recreation of this legendary airplane that the developers released for FSX and P3D a few years back. After months without hearing or seeing anything about the Beaver for MSFS, we now got the first image of the cockpit. It looks very good!

Until now, the only view we had of the Milviz Beaver in Flight Simulator was a basic exterior shot, so early in development that it seemed to come straight from FSX. The team then went into radio silence about this project. The Corsair was in the works (and it turned out to be excellent), and the Cessna 310R was showing some progress too, now on track to be released this summer. Then, this week, on the official Flight Simulator Forums, one of Milviz’s developers dropped a little goodie: a gorgeous (WIP) shot of the instrument panel that shows an impressive level of detail, as we would expect from this very talented team of developers!

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 1

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 2

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 3

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 4

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 5

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 6

Milviz Beaver MSFS Flight Simulator 7

This is just a tiny sneak-peak into this project that comes with no additional information about the status of development at this point. We still don’t know when it will be ready (possibly later this year, after the release of the 310R?), but at least it’s said that there will be an amphibian or floats version. No Beaver would be complete without water-landing capabilities!

The Beaver would be a perfect airplane for MSFS. A tough bush-plane that can do anything is the right way to enjoy the simulator at this point, with a beautiful world waiting to be explored.

As to what to expect, this is Milviz after all, so it’s unlikely to be disappointing. Based on the previous release of the Beaver for FSX and P3D, we can expect an even more authentic, realistic, and immersive experience. The developers will surely combine their programming expertise with a very high-quality aesthetic recreation of the aircraft, hopefully delivering the ultimate DHC-2 Beaver simulation in MSFS. Expect to manage in-depth systems that are interconnected with one another and handle the aircraft with care so that everything works as expected. There will be consequences…

Hopefully, we will start to hear more information about the Beaver soon. In the meantime, definitely check the Milviz FG-1D Corsair, a great showcase of what the developers are capable to do, which was recently made even better with a major update that introduced weapons, among other improvements.