Milviz FG-1D Corsair gets a major update for MSFS, now carries bombs and “fires” .50 cal rounds

The Milviz Corsair is one of our favorite warbirds currently available for Flight Simulator. The combination of aesthetics with authenticity of the simulation strikes a very good balance, resulting in an aircraft that is challenging, fun to fly, and looks very good doing it.

Milviz seems to believe that the Corsair can get even better, so the developers launched a rather big update this week – Service Pack 1 – which brings many new features and improvements to the Corsair. The most buzz-worthy is definitely the introduction of weapons (have we seen this before in MSFS?). The Corsair is now capable of carrying bombs and rockets, which affect the weight of the plane. The bombs can even be “released”, thus disappearing along with their weight. Don’t expect to cause any damage though, this is purely aesthetic.

Along with bombs and rockets, the Corsair’s wing guns can now also be loaded with .50 cal rounds. These can be “fired” with a very nice visual and sound effect. Again, they cause no damage anywhere in the sim, but still deplete and carry their own weight.

But there’s more. The Corsair now has a moving map display and a loadout manager, which is basically an options tool where you can specify which weapons to carry and where, auxiliary fuel tanks, and more. Obviously, everything you do here has an effect on weight and aerodynamics, so keep that in mind.

Milviz FG 1D Corsair MSFS 19

Milviz FG 1D Corsair MSFS 17

Milviz FG 1D Corsair MSFS 9

Milviz FG 1D Corsair MSFS 4

Besides these new features, Milviz introduced a host of simulation changes and improvements in many of the Corsair’s systems. For instance, engine hydraulic lock is now simulated, and engine failure systems have been revised.

Below you can read the full changelist brought by Service Pack 1. Keep in mind that the Marketplace version of the Corsair won’t get any of the weapon features. Microsoft is very strict about the “civilian” part of MSFS. No warmongers here! Still, if you bought directly from Milviz, you get access to all the goodies.

To get Service Pack 1 for the Corsair, make sure to first uninstall your current version of the aircraft. Then you can install the new one and start shooting some dummy rounds!


  • Weapons. Bombs are available for the three center pylons, which will disappear (weight and 3D model) when using the manual releases in the cockpit. Rockets available for the wing stations  as a static (non-firing) display, with accurate weight. Functioning .50 cal wing guns (sound and muzzle flash, will not damage or affect other aircraft or objects) with weight of ammunition being tracked and removed while firing.
  • Moving map display & aircraft loadout manager. Taking a suitable position on the chartboard, toggle between a map and a loadout page where aircraft loading options may be set and overall weight reviewed. (Requires battery power)
  • Custom two-stage auxiliary supercharger simulation added with functioning three position (neutral – low – high) shift lever. Functionality is properly tuned to restore engine power lost with altitude. 
  • Simulation of a hydraulically locked engine condition, requiring the prop to be pulled through on a cold start along with a resulting starter failure if not attended to.
  • Custom mixture lever which has functioning auto-lean/auto-rich/full-rich lever positions.
  • Custom fuel system. Capability to start the aircraft on fuel present in the priming system, with mixture at idle-cutoff.
  • Revision to war emergency power & water injection / anti-detonation system. War emergency power (WEP) is defined as the upper-most range of the throttle lever. When in the WEP range, the water injection system automatically kicks in, using a 5 minute supply of water to prevent detonation. Water injection light begins to blink when 2-1/2 minutes of water remains, turns solid when water tank is empty. Carb temp warning light will illuminate shortly thereafter, signaling the beginning of detonation.
  • Revision to engine failure system – timer now starts when using war emergency power while out of water & unable to prevent engine detonation. 
  • Custom hydraulic simulation added, along with corrected behavior of aircraft items dependant on hydraulic pressure (wing folding, landing gear, arresting hook, gun charging, cooling flaps).
  • Oil pressure on a cold engine start models thick oil by rising significantly above normal on start and failling to a normal range as engine warms.
  • Startup routine and logic further tweaked for realism. (Cowlflap logic fixed)
  • CG tuned to provide greater realism for various loadouts. CG slider is locked to prevent unwanted adjustment by the simulator.
  • Overall size of aircraft scaled correctly.
  • Engine failure now results in oil splatter on fuselage.
  • Fuel tanks are droppable  through realistic in-cockpit controls.
  • Checklist ordering and changes.
  • Tooltip fixes.
  • Chocks added to prevent roll during warm up. Toggle using the chartboard