AzurPoly’s C-160 Transall for Microsoft Flight Simulator set for Marketplace release next week

AzurPoly has announced that their highly anticipated C-160 Transall for Microsoft Flight Simulator is under final processing for release on the Microsoft Marketplace. With a targeted release date for next week, the aircraft will be available for both PC and Xbox users at a price of $32.99. AzurPoly plans to consider selling the aircraft on third-party stores in a later phase but has not yet provided a specific date.

The Transall project began approximately one year ago and has been the most challenging project for AzurPoly since its inception. The C-160 is a complex aircraft, comparable to some airliners in terms of its systems. Despite the challenge, AzurPoly opted to create bespoke systems based on the real Transall rather than re-using existing MSFS avionics, which would have shortened the development time by a few months.

AzurPoly’s implementation focuses on the C-160 R version, the most modern variant operated exclusively by the French Air Force. Key differences include upgraded avionics with EFIS screens, flight refueling capabilities, the addition of a refueling probe above the aircraft’s nose, and extra fuel tanks.

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 3

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 6

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 5

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 1

AzurPoly C 160 Transall release MSFS 2

While each Transall version has numerous specificities and different systems, developing every version for each army was not feasible for AzurPoly. Therefore, the exterior model has been adapted for each livery (with refueling probe removal), but the aircraft’s interior and systems remain the same for all liveries.

The 1.0 version of the aircraft aims to be 100% VFR capable, with future updates planned to improve IFR capabilities and move closer to a “study-level” add-on. Some known limitations in the initial release include basic IFR support with VOR/ILS/ADF/TACAN usage, weather radar functionality, fuel transfer mechanisms for fuel dump, hydraulic failure management, and in-flight cargo dropping.

For more information on the aircraft and its systems, a first version of the manual is already available for prospecting buyers to check out. An in-depth description of all features and official final screenshots can also be found on AzurPoly’s dedicated page.

In the weeks leading up to the release, AzurPoly has been sharing previews and updates on the C-160 Transall. A recent live preview with TwoToneMurphy provided an early look at the aircraft’s capabilities and features.

In addition to this preview, AzurPoly also recently released a trailer video for the Transall, showcasing the aircraft in various environments and conditions. The trailer highlighted the level of detail and attention that AzurPoly has put into the aircraft’s development, from exterior textures to cockpit instrumentation.