MSFS releases new add-on to prepare for WASM support on Xbox

Exciting news for Xbox simmers eagerly anticipating the release of exciting new airplanes for MSFS! The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has published a new add-on on the Xbox Store in preparation for the upcoming introduction of WASM support in the consoles.

The add-on is currently in a pre-release state and does not yet have any functionality. Downloading and installing it will have no effect on Microsoft Flight Simulator at this time. However, once WASM on Xbox support becomes available (we expect sometime later this month), the add-on will automatically update and install when MSFS is launched.

The lack of WASM support on Xbox has been a significant hurdle for many third-party aircraft developers, preventing them from releasing their products on the platform. With the release of this add-on and the promise of upcoming WASM support, Xbox users can now look forward to an expanded selection of high-quality third-party content.

An 225 MSFS 12
The An-225 is one of many airplanes currently waiting for WASM to be launched on the Xbox.

“We’ll have more details to share about WASM on Xbox support as we get closer to the release of Sim Update 12” the Microsoft Flight Simulator team wrote in a statement.

WASM, or WebAssembly, is a binary instruction format designed for web browsers but is also used in some desktop applications. In the context of Microsoft Flight Simulator, WASM support will allow for more advanced and efficient third-party content, including add-ons that can simulate complex systems and interactions.

The release of WASM support on Xbox is expected to be a major milestone for the game, bringing it closer to feature parity with the PC version. As the Microsoft Flight Simulator team continues to work on the upcoming Sim Update 12, Xbox users can look forward to more information about this highly anticipated feature!