Black Square’s brilliant Analog Bonanza is now available for MSFS

The latest aircraft in Black Square’s Steam Gauge Overhaul series is now available for MSFS. The Analog Bonanza, which has shown enormous potential leading up to today’s release, is now available for purchase from Just Flight and offers an entirely new analog instrument panel and systems for the default G36 Bonanza in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Analog Bonanza contains both the normally aspirated A36 and the turbocharged A36TC aircraft, complete with advanced reciprocating engine simulation. The package also features an overhauled electrical system, with every circuit breaker, meter, switch, and knob functioning. What’s more, the product boasts analog instrumentation, swappable radio configurations, and Black Square’s failure system, which allows for persistent wear, mean time between failures, and scheduled failures for nearly every component in the aircraft, many with multiple different failure modes.

Black Square says the fully 3D gauges in the Analog Bonanza have been modeled and coded to match their real-world counterparts with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, radio navigation systems are available from various eras of the Bonanza’s history, along with new in-game checklists, new custom sounds, full 3D cockpit lighting, improved flight dynamics, and more.

The official product page provides a full description of the package, and it’s well worth reading as there are a plethora of improvements and new features added. Anyone purchasing the Analog Bonanza for MSFS will also receive a 25% discount code to use against the Baron, which is set for release later this month.

Black Square’s Analog Bonanza promises to be one of the most detailed and authentic general aviation experiences yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Black Square’s failure system is a particularly noteworthy feature, providing an even greater level of realism and challenge for pilots. The ability to experience failures of nearly every component in the aircraft, with multiple different failure modes, adds a new level of excitement to flying the Bonanza. It was sorely needed!

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The Analog Bonanza is also an excellent package for those interested in the history of aviation. The radio navigation systems available from various eras of the Bonanza’s history allow pilots to experience the aircraft’s evolution over time, while the fully simulated environmental control system enables the defroster to work when icing starts to form in the windshield.

This add-on is packed with features that are a real treat for GA flyers in MSFS. The Analog Bonanza promises to be a fantastic addition to the simulator and is now available through Just Flight, priced at $32.99 / €30.95.