Black Square’s Technical Overview Video Showcases Incredible Simulation Features of the Analog Bonanza

Black Square recently announced the return of its Steam Gauge Overhaul Series, with two new default airplanes in MSFS getting the developer’s intervention with both a visual and functional overhaul that dramatically changes the planes. This time, Black Square set its eyes on the Bonanza and the Baron, with the first being the one closer to release.

This week, Black Square published a technical overview video about its upcoming Analog Bonanza, where the developer explains in great detail some of the fantastic systems and simulation features being built in the aircraft. Complexity is the name of the game here, and Black Square even states that its Bonanza is more akin to a study-level airliner than to most of the GA airplanes currently available for MSFS.

This bold statement is backed by what comes next in the video, which is a seriously impressive demonstration of the intricacies of this mod and Black Square’s attention to detail in simulating all the systems as closely as possible to the real ones.

The video highlights the different versions of the Bonanza that will be available with this mod, such as the normally aspirated, the turbo-normalized, and the version with extra fuel tanks. It also demonstrates the hot-swapping instruments and the various GPS options available.

One of the most impressive features of this product is the engine simulation. The developer claims that the Bonanza will come with “the most advanced turbocharger simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date“. The engine startup stage, for example, requires special attention due to the advanced fuel-injected engine simulation capable of spark plug fouling, flooding, vapor lock, and backfires.

Black Square has introduced a failure system accessible through the weather radar display for monitoring engine condition, setting mean time between failures, scheduling failures, or adjusting the global failure rate. This means that your run-up checklist is no longer simply a formality but an important safety procedure to detect critical system failures before takeoff.

As an example, during the run-up checklist, the engine is revved to 1700 RPM, and the propeller is checked for a drop in engine RPM, a slight increase in manifold pressure, and a decrease in oil pressure, all indicating that the engine is running as it should. A magneto check is also performed to ensure no more than a 150 RPM drop and 50 RPM between the two. A backfire is demonstrated by momentarily cycling the switch to the off position, highlighting the importance of proper magneto checks before taking off.

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steam gauge overhaul analog bonanza msfs 4 1

steam gauge overhaul analog bonanza msfs 2 1

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steam gauge overhaul analog bonanza msfs 8

steam gauge overhaul analog bonanza msfs 7

The video also shows how to find the optimal cruise mixture setting for a turbocharged engine using the EDM 800. It explains the process of adjusting the mixture and finding the best rich-of-peak and lean-of-peak operation for fuel efficiency and power. It also mentions the importance of monitoring the cylinder head cooling rate and using cowl flaps to avoid engine damage during descent.

Black Square ends the demonstration with a new feature that is being fitted into the aircraft in the Steam Gauge Overhaul series, which is radio navigation signal degradation (already available in the latest updates to the King Air and Grand Caravan). This feature produces a convincing simulation of signal attenuation and noise filtering for different types of navigation aids such as NDBs, VORs, localizers, and glide slope antennas.

In the end, this is a very impressive showcase of the level of depth in the Bonanza’s simulation with the Black Square analog overhaul and detailed systems. This aircraft will demand the pilot’s full attention to ensure everything runs smoothly!

The Analog Bonanza should be out very soon at Just Flight’s online store. A detailed product page is already available for you to check out all the features and even read the comprehensive user manual!