The Just Flight Hawk T1/A will get its first update next week

Just Flight has a true gem on its hands with the Hawk T1/A for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After its release last week, the Hawk was received with universal acclaim by simmers, who praised the impressive realism and immersion provided by this aircraft. Still, Just Flight found some things that need to be improved, thanks also to user feedback, so the first patch is already under works, aiming for a release next week.

Indeed, the Hawk is such a great product that it’s hard to fault it in any way, but there are always some fixes that need to be done and a few tweaks to implement. This first update, which will bring the Hawk to version 0.1.1, will fix some of the bugs that have been reported since the release, but will also bring some quality-of-life improvements that will surely please those who fly the Hawk in a variety of circumstances.

For example, VR pilots will be happy to know that the EFB can now be toggled between two positions. Besides the current location by the ejection seat, it will also be possible to have it above the right console, much easier to glance over when in VR.

Another welcome change is related to the cockpit lighting at night. One of the most common complaints has been an overly bright cockpit after dusk, so Just Flight decided to reduce lighting brightness to make night flying operations more pleasant.

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 7

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 6

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 5

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 4

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 3

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 2

Just Flight Hawk update MSFS 1

A cool new feature is a possibility of having your own name showing on the Red Arrows 2021 livery. Just Flight will add a PSD template that you’ll be able to customize in order to have your name (or anything else) showing up as a decal texture over that specific livery.

There’ already a preliminary list of changes, which you can read below. Just Flight also released a few images showing some of these changes. Both the images and the changelog are still work-in-progress, so things can still change until the patch is released. Just Flight says it’s coming next week!

v0.1.1 (preliminary release notes)

  • Frequency preset cards go white if lock control mode is used – fixed
  • Red Arrows 2021 livery minor alignment issues – fixed
  • MASS clickspot logic improved
  • Co-pilot camera view tweaked for VR users
  • Outer sidewinders now fire before inner sidewinders if both are fitted
  • EFB tablet can now be toggled between two positions for better usability in VR – ejection seat (as before) or above the right console – using a clickspot on the outer edge (bezel) of the EFB tablet.
  • EFB tablet will now move between the front and rear cockpits automatically when the corresponding cockpit is selected from the camera menu
  • ‘TOGGLE ENGINE 1/2/3 ANTI ICE’ and ‘SET ENGINE 1/2/3 ANTI ICE’ control assignments can now be used to toggle the Red Arrows smoke colours
  • Front or rear seat pilot is now visible whilst in the cockpit view (pilot being shown is toggled automatically based on whether the front or rear seat camera is selected)
  • EFB control (front/rear) button will now switch you automatically between the front and rear cockpit camera views (can also be selected using the ‘TOGGLE ENGINE 4 ANTI ICE’ and ‘SET ENGINE 4 ANTI ICE’ control assignments)
  • ‘TOGGLE ENGINE 1 FUEL VALVE’ and ‘SET ENGINE 1 FUEL VALVE’ control assignments can now be used to control the throttle idle stop lever position
  • ILS frequency selector clickspot highlights fixed (now only the selector wheel is highlighted)
  • New cockpit showcase camera presets added (front pilot looking aft, over front pilot shoulder, over front pilot ejection seat, over left and right wings)
  • Cockpit lighting brightness reduced for night flying operations
  • EFB rear pilot option is now automatically enabled or disabled if changes are made to the co-pilot weight value in the MSFS fuel/payload menu
  • OAT is now shown on the top bar of the EFB (Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on selected MSFS unit of measure)
  • 100 Imp Gal (454 L) drop tank option added for longer range flights. Note that in real-life these were fitted to export variants and not the RAF Hawk T1/A. The drop tank fuel feeds automatically through the wing tanks and to the engine. Make sure to check the total weight on the EFB as it’s easy to exceed the take-off and landing weight limits with two drop tanks and full fuel!
  • Pilot head movement is now affected by rudder/steering position on the ground
  • EFB VR clickspot fixed
  • Pilot name decal texture added, allowing you to have your own name showing on the Red Arrows 2021 custom livery (PSD template included in Documents folder)
  • Red Arrow flight suits are now red