FlyTampa teases Athens and Corfu airports and scenery for MSFS

We are a bit on a Greek tour this week, featuring a few upcoming projects destined to enhance the scenery of this beautiful Mediterranean country in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yesterday we told you about Orbx’s soon-to-be-released Skiathos Airport, and today we turn to FlyTampa’s forthcoming duo of Greek products, Athens International Airport and Corfu Airport and Island.

FlyTampa has been lightly teasing both these products for the past few months, always with impressive images that bode well for a high-quality final product. FlyTampa makes some of the best airports and scenery enhancements in the industry and these should be no exception.

Starting with Athens International Airport (LGAV), currently in beta, it is looking to be a faithful recreation of the largest airport in Greece, which has seen an increasingly high number of passengers, peaking at over 25 million in 2019. “FlyTampa-Athens” has been a product of love from the developers for some time, updated over the years for all the major flight simulations platforms going back to FS2004. It’s now being completely rebuilt to MSFS, looking to take advantage of the impressive new technologies available in the simulator.

One of the few teasers of this airport is a cool video that showcases a variety of character animations within the scenery. In it, FlyTampa previews the immersive environment to expect from its depiction of LGAV, with people moving around and showing some life, even inside the terminal. Besides people, you will also find other elements animating, such as flags and light effects.

Previous iterations of this scenery for other platforms have also featured additional animated elements around the scenery, such as apron vehicles, trains, and highway traffic, although it’s unclear at this point if this will come to the MSFS version as well.

As for Corfu, it’s a popular island amongst European vacationers, who mostly arrive at the island’s International Airport, LGKR. In this case, FlyTampa is working on a comprehensive scenery upgrade that will bring a totally new custom-built airport, together with a complete coverage of the whole island, with custom buildings and landmarks, improved mesh and vegetation.

Again, the use of extensive animations is to be expected at Corfu, for that additional level of immersion that FlyTampa likes to implement. Although this is obviously a smaller airport than LGAV, it still sees more than 3 million passengers per year, who typically arrive during the summer months to enjoy some nice holidays.

FlyTampa appears to be moving ahead slowly but steadily with both these products, and Athens is even expected to be out in “a few weeks“. If you like to fly in the Aegean Sea, these will certainly be two stunning packages to enjoy in your adventures in MSFS.

If you’re curious to see other products from FlyTampa, check the stunning FlyTampa – Vegas, which overhauls the main airport in the city and also adds a bunch of Las Vegas’ famous buildings.

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