Orbx previews Skiathos Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has announced a new European airport for MSFS, a very popular one amongst aviation fans. Skiathos Airport, in Greece, offers some thrills to both pilots and planespotters, and will soon be available from talented developer Matteo Veneziani.

Skiathos is a popular holiday destination in Greece, as are many other islands in the Aegean. The islands’ beaches and nightlife attract thousands of visitors, especially in the summertime, who arrive at one of the island’s attractions in itself, Skiathos Airport (LGSK).

LGSK is often compared to Princess Juliana Airport, in Saint Marteen, due to its small runway, entrenched between the see on both ends, and the proximity with a public road, which enables planespotters to view arriving aircraft from a very small distance. This makes for some spectacular spotting opportunities as airplanes arrive on the island roaring above tourists’ heads.

Despite being a small island, Skiathos is well connected to the Old Continent. Ryanair, Condor, Jet2, SAS, Tui Airlines, among others, bring in more than 400.000 passengers per year.

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In this recreation of Skiathos for MSFS, Matteo Veneziani looks to deliver a comprehensive scenery that goes beyond the premises of the airport. The entire island will be overhauled with many custom buildings such as hotels and other landmarks, turning the whole scenery significantly more interesting and realistic.

The developer also makes use of new, high-resolution aerial imagery for the most up-to-date airport layout, together with custom ground service vehicles and static aircraft.

Skiathos Airport is indeed an exciting challenge for pilots, demanding full attention and precision, and should be out soon on Obrx Direct. Typically, Orbx doesn’t take much time to release a product after its announcement, so stay tuned for further updates over the coming days!

Skiathos Airport MSFS 8

Features at a glance:

  • Complete airport and island package
  • Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Airport
  • 2021 custom aerial imagery for airport
  • Complete with PBR textures
  • Meticulous detail landside and airside
  • Custom GSE & static aircraft