CH47D Chinook released by Miltech Simulations

Miltech Simulations has finally released its highly anticipated CH47D Chinook for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a highly detailed simulation of the tandem-rotor, heavy-lift helicopter known for its versatility across a wide range of missions, including troop and cargo transport, medical evacuation, and construction support.

The Chinook is the second helicopter from the team at Miltech Simulations, following the intriguing V-22 Osprey, which launched almost a year and a half ago for MSFS.

Miltech Simulations is keen to showcase significant advancements in their aircraft development process, promising a very ambitious project that is not only their biggest effort yet but also, they believe, “one of the most comprehensive products ever released for MSFS.”

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 10.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 12.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 13.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 11.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 6.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 9.png

So, what are you getting with this new helicopter? The Miltech CH47D model showcases impressive attention to detail in both its exterior and interior design. The cockpit has been modeled to reflect realistic wear and tear, complemented by a fully modeled cargo bay. The aircraft features 4K textures throughout, offering sharp details and realistic representations of damage and dirt.

A comprehensive suite of liveries is included, featuring representations from various global military forces such as the US Army, RAF, and Luftwaffe, among others.

In terms of animations, the CH47D offers a robust range, including functional doors and cargo ramp, accurately rotating tandem rotors, blade droop, among other dynamic elements. The simulation also incorporates advanced effects, including a downwash effect that interacts with environmental elements like water and dirt, engine heat blur, and volumetric lighting.

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 4.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 8.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 7.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 3.png

Miltech CH47D Chinook MSFS 2.png

As for the flight dynamics, Miltech states that the CH47D has been developed with precision, validated through extensive testing and feedback from actual CH47 pilots and technicians. It aims to accurately replicate the unique flight characteristics of a tandem rotor configuration, offering a specialized flight model that leverages the native helicopter flight model capabilities of MSFS, enhanced with customized parameters for an authentic flying experience. The developers have noted that the flight model will be further refined to fully support tandem rotor operations following the impending release of SU15.

Sound design has also been a focal point in the development of the CH47D, with a comprehensive sound pack derived from real-world recordings of the aircraft. This includes a detailed engine and rotor soundset, capturing the distinctive blade slap sounds that vary with collective adjustments, pitch/roll angles, and high G maneuvers, alongside accurate depictions of APU sounds, forward transmission whine, and ramp hydraulic sounds.

Furthermore, the CH47D introduces extensive cargo loading capabilities, offering six external cargo loads and five internal cargo options, including diverse configurations such as Humvees, UAV containers, and medical evacuation setups. An EFB tablet is also integrated into the package, allowing users to interact with the aircraft’s systems, from fuel management to external load operations.

To complement the aircraft, Miltech Simulations has included a selection of sceneries and scenes designed to enhance the way simmers enjoy the product, featuring military bases and training facilities in strategic locations such as the UK, Alaska, Djibouti, Jordan, and Kuwait.

Moreover, a unique mission system is also part of the CH47D package, offering predefined flights with specific tasks that challenge pilots to configure, execute, and complete missions independently. These missions span a variety of operational scenarios, including firefighting, cargo hoist operations, rescue and humanitarian missions, and military exercises, but note that some of which may require additional Miltech Simulations products such as Supercarrier Pro or the UK Carrier Strike Group.

As you can see, this is a very feature-packed product that is bound to keep rotorheads entertained for hours on end. If this sounds like something right up your alley, the CH47D Chinook from Miltech Simulations is available right now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at $35.99 through the developer’s website. A release on third-party stores such as Orbx and the MSFS Marketplace (for Xbox too!) is planned for the coming weeks.