See how FlightFX has recorded the sounds of its upcoming Citation X for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlightFX’s still-not-yet-officially-confirmed Citation X continues to make appearances, following the most concrete evidence yet that we saw from the images shared in December. These images showcased the cockpit in remarkable detail with the Honeywell Primus avionics fully displayed. This time, new insights come from popular YouTuber Airforceproud95, who was invited by the FlightFX team for a behind-the-scenes look into the team’s process of recording sounds and gathering further details about an actual Citation X aircraft.

Filmed between Stockton, California, and Lincoln, Nebraska, the video is rich with behind-the-scenes footage, capturing how the FlightFX team records comprehensive audio from the aircraft, hinting at the level of detail and authenticity they aim to achieve in their simulation. Boris Vanian, the audio engineer who collaborates with FlightFX (and whom we interviewed here), is seen alongside Marwan Gharib (who developed the awesome HJet), FlightFX’s CEO Nick Sdoucos, and developer Lukasz Lew, continuing FlightFX’s tradition of in-depth aircraft research to bring MSFS simmers an utterly realistic simulation of said aircraft.

The Citation X, known for its exceptional speed and altitude capabilities, is showcased throughout the video, with Airforceproud95 and crew members providing insights into its performance. Notably, the aircraft’s ability to climb directly to 45,000 ft at maximum weight is highlighted.

The video also delves into the technical aspects of flight simulation development, with the FlightFX team emphasizing the importance of capturing the finer details of aircraft operation. We can see the team recording sounds of multiple doors, latches, startup sounds, engine sounds, and more, ensuring that every nuance is captured for the virtual model.

Moreover, the video features interviews with the flight crew, including pilot John Kluenker, who shares his 17-year experience flying the Citation X.

While FlightFX has yet to officially announce the Citation X for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s clear that the team is dedicated to offering simmers an authentic and very detailed aircraft. Let’s see what updates they have in store for us in the coming weeks and months. One thing is certain: this is a very exciting project for bizjet pilots out there!